Celio Fantastic Rewards


As part of a team at Hansa Customer Equity Pvt. Ltd, we oversaw the conceptualization and implementation of a customer loyalty program for the french men's apparel brand, Celio, for their entry into the Indian market. Celio Fantastic Rewards Program, a digital loyalty program aimed at improving the shopping experience and driving repeat sales for the French apparel brand, Celio. The key piece of the program was a mobile app that added a layer of gamification on to the shopping experience, with tiered rewards and level ups. It also let customers accrue loyalty points by engaging with the brand in conversations and championing it on social networks. The success of the program underscored the impact of innovative interfacing—the added layer of a social experience changed the way users perceived and eventually used what was an otherwise straightforward account management and catalog exploration app. It is a practice, that has since become an indispensible part of almost every retail marketing plan. The program has won numerous awards in digital marketing including a bronze at the 2014 Digital Marketing Association India (DMAi) Awards.