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Featured, Frontend Engineering, UX


Most company’s SAN fabrics have been operating for years without issues. Yet, how can organizations be confident that potential issues are not lurking right around the corner? Are the end-of-life dates on those devices known and planned for accordingly? Cisco SAN Insights Discovery can help identify issues before they escalate and can place organizations comfortably ahead of the refresh curve.

Cisco SAN Insights Discovery provides the visibility necessary to assess current deployments and inventory. The proactive tool also offers a sneak peek into port performance, provides a view of data at both fabric and switch levels and identifies End-Of-Life (EOL) and End-Of-Service (EOS) notifications for all SAN switches.

Design goals

○ Provide a visual overview of reported data

○ Simplify network health checking processes and help user plan for the future

○ Collect data offline and then provide seamless online analysis. This helps us provide the solution without the customer having to open potentially dangerous holes in their data center network.

○ Lightweight: As a pre-sales tool, it is necessary to create the least amount of friction for the user.

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