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Boston Consulting Group, India

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Boston Consulting Group, India


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Platform Design, UX


Our team of 2 was invited to build out a software tool to manage time slots for expert media resources at the Boston Consulting Group in India. We conceptualized, prototyped and then built out the entire system which included a set of multi platform mobile and web apps and a online administration portal for management of the system. The initial project was 2 months long, but we stayed on post that to help iterate a few more times to include new user findings.

High level goals

○ Streamline the process of appointment booking within BCG, India

○ Enable roster management of internal resources available for consultation

○ Manage time slots automatically and send out notifications to concerned parties

○ Provide a solution that works on any platform, and is capable of doing so in no connectivity situations

User flows

We mapped out user flows for two kinds of users:

○ The app user

○ The administrator

Some examples below:


At the end of this project, we delivered a fully functional system with Android, iOS and web apps, and a web-based administrative back-end that connected back to the BCG HR management system to provide end-to-end control on the appointment booking process.

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